Is coloring your hair at home on your list of things to do? Learn how to color your hair without ruining it by avoiding these common mistakes.

Here is the list of what you should avoid while dying your hair at home:

  1. Washing Your Hair Before Dyeing
  2. Picking the Wrong Hair Color
  3. Using an Inappropriate Developer
  4. Mixing Colors Based on Guess
  5. Skipped Strand & Patch Test
  6. Using Wrong Dyeing Tools
  7. Applying the Formula in the Wrong Way
  8. Miscount the Processing Time
  9. Too Much Rinsing after Dying
  10. Skip Post Treatment Process

Now let’s dig deeper into each one of these mistakes and see how they might lead to a disaster.

Washing Your Hair Before Dyeing

It is not a good idea to shampoo your hair right before dying it. It’s less likely to cause irritation to the scalp if your hair is left unwashed for 1-2 days before dying, and color pigment accumulates more efficiently. 

Picking the Wrong Hair Color

Choosing a semi-permanent or temporary professional color is a good starting point if you’re new to dyeing. In case you make a mistake, these colors make it much easier to recover from it. 

It is also essential to choose the right shade. The best hair dye for your first time is one that is no more than two shades darker or lighter than your natural hair color. In case of doubt, choose the lighter shade.  

Using Inappropriate Developer

It is also common to choose the wrong developer, either from another brand or series.  Using the right developer concentration is crucial for achieving the best results. Developers with a 6% concentration are the most commonly used and versatile. Dyeing, lightning, and gray coverage can all be accomplished with this product. 

Mixing Colors Based on Guess

Never do the mixing based on your guess or eye estimation. Always follow the instructions mentioned in the product’s box or consult with a professional beforehand. 

Skipped Strand & Patch Test

Nobody wants to get allergies and end up in ER just because of coloring their hair. So do a small test 48 hours before dying your hair on a very small part of your skin so to make sure you don’t have any sort of allergies. Also, to prevent any disastrous hair color do a bit of testing on a few strands of your hair to ensure the final result.

Using Wrong Dyeing Tools

By choosing inappropriate tools, you can also spoil your coloring results. You should always use dyeing tools that are non-metallic. A metal bowl could cause the mixed color to behave in an unpredictable manner. You can therefore use any plastic, porcelain, or glass bowl if you don’t have a special mixing bowl.

Applying the Formula in the Wrong Way

Nothing works when done in a messy way. Dying your hair is no exception. If you randomly move your brush and expect to have an even hair color, you’re gonna get disappointed. Divide your hair into small sections and dye a small portion of strands each time and in the same direction.

Miscount the Processing Time

Have you ever cooked? If you overheat the food will be burnt and underheat will result in somehow raw and uncorked food. The hair is just like that. If you take too long or short time to dye your hair it’ll either end up damaging your hair or not getting the color you wish you would. 

Too Much Rinsing after Dying

If you immediately wash your hair after dying it and use too much warm water and shampoo to do so, all the work you have done would go to waste. Because the color pigments are not yet stable and move out from your hair. You don’t want that.

Skip Post Treatment Process

This is a tricky one. You might think that dying your hair is enough to have a new look but it’s not. Don’t forget to do the post-coloring treatments to ensure that your hair color is stabilized. You better use a specific hair-colored conditioner and hair mask after rising your dyed hair.

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