Changing Your Hair Color is Easy!

We help you to be your own hair colorist

Our Product & Technology

Our Innovation is a smart Wi-Fi, Bluetooth-equipped Hair Dying Brush which is capable to instruct the hair coloring process from A to Z. We understand the real problem of our customers that needs to be solved and we are glad to impress our customers by delivering the hair dying experience more convenient and more delightful, than possibly expected.

Why Choose Us

Benefit 1

Getting professional root touch ups every 2 weeks is a luxury in cash most of us simply cannot afford. Professional hair coloring starts at $50 to $70 with toner costing $20 to $40 per each additional shade of color used.

Benefit 2

The process of hair coloring is really time-consuming, especially for working individuals. People who have their hair dyed typically visit the salon every four to eight weeks.

Benefit 3

While at-home color is always going to be a better bargain, it can be extremely damaging to one’s precious strands. Most at-home hair color is made up of metallic dyes, which are not only harder to control, but they also reactivate every time you reapply color.

Benefit 4

Hair color mistakes are actually pretty common—even with permanent hair dye. The thing is, one can’t always expect to get the same result as the model on the packaging.

Our Team

Our professional team is at your side

Reza Goharian

Chief Technology Officer

About Reza

Reza is our accomplished Jack of all trades. He is responsible for constructing a clear plan that will get our startup to fulfill its goals in the desired time and budget, making sure the business stays in the forefront of technology-related trends. To do this, Reza makes the most of his academic background along with professional working experience as a electronic engineer.

Fatemeh Pirouzhamidi

Chief Marketing Officer

About Fatemeh

Fatemeh is a talented makeup artist with years of experience in the industry. She knows the market from the customers’ perspective. She is well aware of the opportunities and pain points from several customers’ personal experience. Her background has made her adept at cultivating social networks which will lead our sales and marketing strategies toward success.

Maryam Naseri​

Chief Product Officer

About Maryam

Using years of experience in the fashion industry, Maryam directs the research and development to meet our startup needs. Her invaluable recommendation based on her research based findings has helped us to come to the best solution which can fix our customer’s pain point. Maryam played a vital role in designing a market research survey which led us find the answer to many questions in designing our solution.

Fina Ghafourisayyad

Chief Creative officer

About Fina

Fina has 12 years of experience as UX Designer in their family business which is specialized in providing software and networking products and services having experience for both B2B and B2C digital products.
In our team, in a direct cooperation with Maryam and Fatemeh, she is responsible for enhancing customer satisfaction by improving the usability, accessibility, and pleasure associated with our product in a way that is attractive and convenient for users.

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