Many people think coloring their hair at home is risky, messy, and hard work to do., but if you choose the right approach, it’s super-easy and cost-effective.

Taking your hair to the salon can be quite expensive, so dyeing it yourself can give you a brand-new look without costing a lot. Once you know how to dye hair, it’s not as difficult as it seems.

First of all, do these steps before you jump into dying your hair:

It’s best practice to wash your hair 24-48 hours before dying the hair

While choosing the color, keep in mind that your current hair color might affect the final result, and choose wisely.

In order to prevent your clothes and house get color stains make sure to wear protection and keep away from the bright fabrics that might be affected. 

Any knots or messiness in your hair can end at the cost of not dyeing some parts of them. So better to make sure that your hair is neat and brushed. 

In order to prevent your skin, get colored, it’s better to coat it with some oil-based protections.

You don’t want your hands to get messed up and turn black or God forbids purple! Put on some gloves so that color won’t get to your hands and fingers.

Now that everything is ready, let’s dye our hair!

What are the different ways to dye our hair?

When you want to dye your hair at home you have 3 main different methods to do so:

  1. Use of a brush and a bowl of color formula
  2. Using a bottle and applying with hands
  3. Using Color Fluent

How to dye your hair using a brush?

Take a plastic bowl and mix the color ingredients into it using the color brush or a plastic stirrer. Then you divide your hair into small sections. Now, using a color brush, take a small amount of color from inside the bowl and apply it on thin layers of hair to make sure that the entire surface is covered. Continue doing so till all your hair is dyed.

Cover your hair with a plastic hat and leave it for 30-45 minutes and then wash it with medium-heated water and no shampoo. You can use a hair mask or conditioner. 

How to dye your hair using a bottle of color formula?

This method’s pretty easy. After mixing the coloring ingredients, put them into a plastic bottle like in the image below. Like the previous method, you separate your hair into sections. Now apply a small portion of color on a thin layer of your hair and use your hands to cover the whole layer. After doing so for all your hair leave it to rest and wash it just like what we’ve said about the latest method.

How to dye your hair using Color Fluent?

While using Color Fluent, dying your hair is the easiest task ever. You not only need to be careful about the color you choose but all the messiness you might be concerned with fades away.

First, you can get help from the color fluent app to determine which color suits you and your current hair the best. Then the app will let you know the formula you have to use for getting the aforementioned result. Then you can fill the container of the Color Fluent brush with the mixture and start brushing your hair just as you do every day – of course, you better follow the constructions like first brushing the roots of the hair and then the rest of it.


The rest is just like other methods. You need to leave your hair for 30-45 minutes so that the color gets into the hair pigments. And in the end, just wash your hair very gently and use some conditioner or hair protection mask.

If you have any questions regarding coloring your hair, feel free and ask our experts for their professional opinion. We’re here to help you glow!

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